Caring for our communities, our employees and our customers.

We don’t seek excellence and innovation in just our day-to-day jobs. We also go above and beyond to serve our communities through our company’s philanthropic nonprofit organizations.

Finance of America cares.

Finance of America Cares is our employee-funded and company-matched nonprofit whose mission is to strengthen our communities, enrich lives and inspire caring. We are happy to share our Cares Annual Report. This report provides an overview of Cares’ core programs, areas of focus, leadership, financial information and much more. The photos, quotes and data included in the report demonstrate the deep impact Cares made on stakeholders’ lives in 2021 as we pursued our mission of strengthening our communities, enriching lives and inspiring caring.

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Our four core care programs.


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Strengthening communities through grantmaking for nonprofits in three focus areas: Youth, Veterans and Human Services.

Our 2022/2023 grant application season has closed. We’re pleased to announce this year’s Cares grant recipients.

Employee Assistance Fund

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The Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) is a program designed to support our valued staff in times of unexpected financial hardship. Send an email to if you are an employee in need of assistance.


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The Team Member Volunteer Program provides Finance of America employees the opportunity be a part of the transformative power of donating their time and energy toward charitable causes that match their passions through volunteerism.


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Employees are invited to voluntarily donate to Cares through payroll deductions or individual contributions to be reinvested in promoting the welfare of employees and their local communities.

Support cares and get involved.

To learn more about our programs, or have questions about how to get involved, e-mail us at To see how to set up a reoccurring payroll donation to cares click here.

Connecting families to crucial resources needed during financial hardships.

At Finance of America Foundation, our mission is to empower homeowners impacted by financial hardships.

We believe that being there for families when they need help the most is important and helps ensure they have the strength and resilience to recover from difficult times. In doing so, we support viable, healthy, and sustainable communities. is a website developed by Finance of America Foundation, working with Board Advisor Congressman Barney Frank, to assist homeowners who may be experiencing financial hardship. To reach us, please email

Leading by example.

I’ve heard it said that “Service is the rent we pay to live on this earth” and this has been a guiding principle throughout my life. I am honored to be a part of Cares because it provides me an opportunity to assist nonprofits in their important work and to assist our colleagues in times of personal hardship. With nearly 20 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, I am excited to move the mission and vision of Cares forward in partnership with the many wonderful volunteers and donors throughout Finance of America Companies. To know me is to know a few things. The first is that I love learning. I hold a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees – all with a focus on service. I also earned my doctoral degree in Leadership. The second thing to know about me is that I cherish my time serving my community through numerous volunteer activities and giving back to the nonprofit sector as an Adjunct Instructor in the area of nonprofit leadership. Finally, I am the happily married mother of two, proud Nonni (grandmother) of one cute granddaughter and an avid world traveler.

I attended Arcadia University for International Studies and Philosophy, with a minor in Arabic and Economics and later returned for my International MBA. Post-graduation, I worked on several state political campaigns in the volunteer/field department before joining a prominent Philadelphia defense attorney. From there, I became the Director of Community Outreach for New Leash on Life, a dog rescue that pairs homeless dogs with nonviolent offenders to train the dogs for adoption and help inmates develop job skills. After my time with New Leash on Life, I became Dean of Pennsylvania Campuses for DeVry University where I worked with local and national nonprofits, assisting them with staffing and training for their employees and the communities they serviced. In my spare time, I’ve volunteered as a coach for several CrossFit recovery groups, helping people find and maintain sobriety through fitness.

Kindness matters. I’m so blessed to be a part of our amazing Cares team, who work tirelessly to inspire caring. Cares has a ripple effect across not only our local communities, but also the world. It’s amazing to see how many organizations we can assist. We receive a tremendous amount of support from the top down, and I love seeing people dedicate their time and money to serve others. I have been with Finance of America Reverse for almost 15 years in a variety of leadership roles and am currently Senior Vice President of Business Optimization. I was a founding Board member of FOA Cares when we started four years ago. I joined the Board as Vice President and am now the President of the Board. Prior to that, I was on the Board of Habitat for Humanity’s Tulsa chapter and have spent most of my adult life volunteering with organizations such as Junior Achievement, KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program), Parent Child Center and others.

If I have extra time in my day, I want to use it to help others. Volunteering is an opportunity for me to give back in a way that I may not be able to financially. Years ago, I was a youth counselor and provided therapy for institutionalized juvenile delinquents. During that time, I learned the difference that even a small contribution can make in someone’s life. Our actions, no matter how small, can make an impact and that is so rewarding. I joined FOA Cares to get more involved with the Company, add value to the organization and, ultimately, to continue making a difference in others’ lives. Cares gives people an opportunity to work with others who share the same mission and who work as a team to help Cares continue to grow. I currently sit on the FOA Cares Board of Directors and serve as Treasurer. Additionally, I am the Finance of America Reverse Business Initiatives Manager responsible for special projects and event planning.