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Funded reverse mortgage loans

Why offer reverse mortgages?

Reverse mortgages represent a safe and strategic financial solution for a growing demographic. Introduce yourself to this lucrative business opportunity and learn why many myths surrounding this product are unfounded.

Increasing demand

Capture rising loan demand from one of the largest groups of homeowners in the United States.

Business growth

Increase revenue with larger commission structures than traditional forward mortgages.

Long-term stability

Protect against market fluctuations with a product that’s attractive in all rate environments.

Improve your product portfolio

Increase opportunities and serve clients better by offering our wide range home equity solutions.

  • Loans up to $4 million*

    HomeSafe jumbo reverse mortgages help clients access more of their home’s equity, establish a secure line of credit, or even purchase a vacation home. Learn more about HomeSafe

  • A powerful HELOC alternative

    HomeSafe Second gives clients access to a portion of home equity without adding a new monthly mortgage payment to their bills, keeping more cash in their pocket.** Learn more about HomeSafe Second

  • Government-insured options

    The traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) offers fixed and adjustable rate options and is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Learn more about HECM

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Empowering real retirements.

Thousands of older homeowners have trusted our suite of customizable home equity tools to transform their housing wealth into usable cash that could create financial peace, stability, and happiness in retirement. These are their stories.


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