Value Inclusion, Belonging, and Engagement

Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we’re fostering a culture of caring and empathy that proudly reflects the communities we come from and the people we serve. Because when we all feel like we belong, we all can thrive.

What we value shapes the work we do.

We believe in making progress a daily habit. Fueled by our diversity, we’re actively listening to how inequities impact our people and business, then engaging in actions that weave equitable, inclusive, and sustainable practices into all that we do.

Creating an inclusive team and championing equity means turning our ambitious goals into concrete actions. We’re making conscious, tangible efforts to increase lending in underrepresented communities and hire those who can best serve our community while fostering a workplace that embraces and empowers all.

Our areas of engagement.


Building strategic partnerships with local leaders that address lending barriers and increase access for underserved communities.


Attracting, recruiting, and retaining diverse voices and empowering all employees with opportunities to grow and lead.


Promoting training and supporting initiatives that ensure inclusion remains firmly woven into the DNA of our companies.


Listening, learning and leading.

Comprised of a diverse group of senior leaders, our Executive Diversity Advisory Council (EDAC) is a decision-making body empowered to enact meaningful change at every level of our business.

EDAC’s dedicated mission is to ensure we’re doing business with everyone in mind and to use its reach and resources to bolster many of our DEI initiatives.

EDAC is an open door for our teammates, partners, and customers, listening to challenges, learning where we can improve, and leading the charge in implementing ideas that change FOAC for the better. It’s a rapid response group with the power to promote a work environment that champions diverse backgrounds, traditions, and experiences while leveraging inclusion and empathy to enhance business performance and shape strategy.


Amplifying all voices.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help us build community, raise awareness, and galvanize teammates at all levels to make a positive impact. These welcoming and voluntary organizations ensure employees of all backgrounds have the opportunity to be heard, valued, and engaged, helping us all gain a better understanding of our teammates and the customers we serve.

ERGs work closely with HR, executive sponsors, and others throughout our business to ensure alignment and action on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) priorities. Together, they collaborate on developing and supporting our company vision to challenge bias, take a stand against inequality, and propel business innovations that better reflect the world around us.

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