Discover what’s possible with a reverse mortgage.

Turning unused equity to travel and fulfillment.

When Susan bought a fixer-upper in Hermosa Beach, California, at age 26, she never expected it would be her home for the rest of her life. But 40 years later, at 67, she's thrilled to have been able to experience so much in her beloved house. And thanks to a reverse mortgage from Finance of America, Susan can look forward to many more years in the home she loves. "There's much history and so much good feeling about all that has gone on in this home all through these years. I'm so very grateful for this house and excited I can remain in it," she says.

Helping family now, and later

Devotion to family led retired professor Craig Smith, 76, to buy his home in Long Beach, California, in 1997. The duplex allowed him and his ailing mother to share a home and still have their own spaces. Though his mother passed away years ago, Craig’s commitment to his family remains an important motivation in his financial decisions. With a HomeSafe reverse mortgage loan from Finance of America, he can enjoy his retirement and lend a helping hand to his family.

Putting the house to work

Nature and animal lover Mark bought his “in the city but not in the city” home in 2002. Located next to a reservoir, he gets occasional visits from wildlife, like the snake that came and sunned itself beside his cat one afternoon. “I really enjoy my backyard. I sit out there quite a bit,” he says. All in all, “it’s just a really pleasant place to live,” he says. When Mark retired in 2013, he realized that the money he’d need to fund his retirement was tied up in the home he didn’t want to sell. A HomeSafe reverse mortgage loan from Finance of America has allowed him to keep the house and pay for some of his big-ticket retirement goals.

Living in her corner of paradise

Cynthia, 70, can pinpoint the day fifty years ago when she realized she always wanted to live in the house she grew up in. “I remember as a 20-year-old running down the side of the house with all the greenery around me and hearing the frogs and the birds, and I thought, you know, I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to stay right here.” Now, thanks to a HomeSafe reverse mortgage loan from Finance of America, she can enjoy her retirement in the Santa Monica Canyon home she loves.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather live

Living in San Francisco for the past 46 years, Linda has found her happy place. Every Sunday, you can hear Linda singing in her church choir. She’s an experienced alto but has recently been dabbling as a tenor, though she admits it’s not something that has come naturally to her. And when she’s not harmonizing with the choir, she’s helping out in the children’s center. It’s not just the kids who benefit from Linda’s generosity, she graciously shares her home by hosting international students who are studying abroad to learn English. “I’ve met a lot of students from all over the world…that has been rewarding and a lot of fun to do.”

November 13, 2023

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